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Why limit eCommerce to a service we offer to our clients? Why not treat ourselves to this same additional revenue stream and sales vertical? Well, here it is.

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Expert setup and tutorials of essential digital marketing tools

Bespoke training and consultancy with a Growth Guru

Digital marketing white papers, tactics and research


Conversion Optimisation Toolkit


A Growth Gurus Service

Equip you and your website with cutting-edge tools to ensure you attract and convert the right audience with the right message.

Utilising the most up-to-date technology from Google, Facebook and Growth Gurus, we will empower you to track your audience and their behaviour across your website and create geographic behaviour based specific adverts on their social channels. This will all be easily viewable through a real-time online analytics dashboard.

  • Follow how your audience use your site
  • Follow how you audience interact on social media and lead to your site
  • Analyse which adverts convert best
  • Watch your online conversions happen in real time with no complications

Google Analytics Setup + Tutorial


A Growth Gurus Service

Google Analytics empowers you with the ability measure your advertising ROI as well as track the ways people engage with your website and the relation between video, social networking sites, applications and your overall conversion goals.

  • Marketing Campaign Optimization
  • Target Audience Identification
  • Track Conversions
  • Integration with Google Adwords
  • Powerful Real Time Reporting
  • Track Campaigns

Facebook Pixel Setup + Tutorial


A Growth Gurus Service

The Facebook Pixel makes conversion tracking, optimisation and remarketing easier than ever. Use the new pixel with standard events and you’ll be able to access all of the following features.

  • Conversion tracking (See how successful your advert is by seeing what happened as a direct result of it)
  • Optimisation
  • Automatically bid for conversions after you’ve set up your pixel
  • Remarketing (Remarket to everyone who visits your site, or just to people who visit specific pages or take specific actions)

Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

499.00 399.00

A Growth Gurus Service

What impact can an 80% loss in performance have on your business? With so many new online services popping up every day, this problem gets even worse. The bigger your presence is online, the more data you have to manage.

Social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support, infrastructure… all in one place. Track your entire business in real-time.



eCommerce Consultation

199.00 50.00

A Growth Gurus Consultancy Service

Let’s build a shortcut to making money in your sleep!
Through eCommerce you can quickly increase your sales by empowering your clients to buy directly from your website. Just like you’re doing now!

We will discuss the various ways to set up a solution that suits your business.
Ps. If you’re based in Malta we can apply for EU funding for you too!

  • Increase ROI of website
  • Discuss designs types of your eCommerce platform
  • Discuss content management systems
  • Map-out your user experience
  • Research necessary licenses

Content and Editorial Training

299.00 249.00

A Growth Gurus Consultancy Service

Content marketing is not a short-term campaign … it’s a long-term strategy to attract, convert, and retain customers. In this training course, we will go through in detail how to strategically create your content calendar in line with your brand objectives and long-term content plan.
This training session includes

  • Understanding what an editorial calendar is and is not
  • Organisation of your calendar
  • Developing an editorial style
  • Distribution and measurement plan

SEO Audit


A Growth Gurus Consultancy Service

Is your website not showing up on Google?

SEO audits is the best way to find out why your site is not doing well in the organic search results. If you’re serious about your internet business it’s important you do a website audit frequently.

  • What will you get from this SEO Audit?
  • Technical Analysis
  • On-Page SEO analysis
  • Off-Page SEO analysis

Website Review


A Growth Gurus Consultancy Service

You may think your website looks great but does it drive your business? More importantly is it helping you reach your goals?

Our team will analyse your website from head to toe in terms of design, usability, conversion potential and latest trends and best practices. We will provide you with a report of recommendations to get your website into tip top shape.

This will be based on:

  • Internal Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Optimisation Best Practices
  • Google’s ever changing SEO rules


The Importance of Social Media and Doing It Right


A Free Whitepaper by Growth Gurus

Through social media, you have great potential to place your brand on the map. You can also waste a great deal of time and money if it is not done right. In this white paper we highlight:

  • The current social media landscape
  • Benefits of social media marketing
  • Creating content to engage your audience
  • Social media strategy based on clearly defined goals

Importance of Content Marketing and Doing it Right


A Free White Paper by Growth Gurus

Content Marketing is an awesome way to humanise a brand and position your company as an industry leader. In this whitepaper, we cover the following topics which will allow you to use content marketing effectively for your business.

  • Why content marketing is important
  • The benefits of content marketing
  • Creating content to engage your audience
  • Content marketing strategy based on clearly defined goals

Instagram Vs Snapchat White Paper


A Free White Paper by Growth Gurus – Coming Soon

A free white paper by Growth Gurus

When we talk about social image sharing, there are only two platforms that fit into the debate. Snapchat and Instagram stories are two very different platforms that serve a very similar purpose. In this whitepaper, we cover the following topics which will allow you to better understand how to use Snapchat and Instagram stories, and which is better for your business?

  • Why use Snapchat or Instagram stories?
  • Snapchat vs Instagram Stories comparing metrics
  • 5 ways to use Snapchat stories for your business
  • 5 ways you can use Instagram stories for your business
  • 3 examples of Marketing on Snapchat and Instagram stories done right
  • Which platform is right for your business?

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