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Do you need a new website to help you take your business to the next level? We build websites that are designed to deliver an optimal user experience and engineered to drive results for your business.

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We are the proud winners of the 2018 MCA eBusiness Awards for “Best eCommerce Website.”
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Strategy Development

Analysis of your current website, competitors, industry and audience needs to build your custom website strategy for success.

Design & Wireframing

The design and architecture of your website, focused on delivering an optimal user experience to help reach business objectives.

Website Development

Website development using the latest in modern web standards and tools focused on converting traffic into valuable leads.

Digital Marketing Toolkit

Gearing your website up to become a digital marketing and conversion optimisation powerhouse.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website is built with SEO best practices and structure to ensure people searching for your services & products online find you.

What are your website goals?

If your website goal is to increase product sales, we will build an intuitive website with eCommerce integration that maximises visitor interaction and drives conversion. If your website goal is to position you as a dominant authoritative figure within your industry, we will build a seamless online experience that captures your audience’s attention and provides the content they are looking for.

Whatever your goals are, we can help strategise, design, develop and launch the website to help you succeed.

Website Design UI + UX

We will design the core structure, architecture and navigation of the website as well as its overall look and feel. We pride ourselves on building truly mobile responsive websites, making sure that your website offers the same great experience on every device. We will focus on delivering an optimal user experience, appealing to your target audience and reaching your business objectives.

When it comes to your website, we focus on blending aesthetics with drive, aligning your business goals with engaging purpose. Your website should not only be visually appealing, but function accordingly to create a unique online experience.

Through advanced UX mapping, we ensure to create a smoother and overall intact experience for the user, which will help them navigate through your site and guides them towards the conversion goal you want to carry out. Having great UX is the difference between site visitors and site conversions. We build websites that are user-focused and smooth.

Website Development

Website development using the latest in modern web standards and tools focused on converting traffic into valuable leads and clients to grow your business.

Includes responsive development that adapts your website to a user’s device. If a user visits your site on their desktop, tablet, or mobile device, they have a seamless experience. With more consumers browsing on-the-go, responsive design is essential.

This is where your website starts to come to life as we build out the designs and incorporate your content with scalability to ensure that future additions or updates can be executed efficiently.

Once the development stage is complete, we’ll present it to you and go through the details in accordance with the objectives originally set. Any necessary amendments will be made at this stage.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

The desired outcome: Receive organic traffic, increase search ranking and establish long-lasting SEO results.

Getting Search Engine Optimisation right means that when people search for keywords related to your business, they find you! Search Engine Optimisation is not just about understanding Google or any other search engine. It’s all about understanding people and what they are looking for.

Search engine optimisation is the art and science that positions you in front of people searching for keywords related to your business.

SEO best practice will be carried out throughout the entire development process of a website. We will build your website to ensure it is developed in line with Google’s rules.

SEO Content for your Website

A big part of SEO today relates to the content that you share on your website. It is essential to have the correct SEO structure and also the keywords that you should be ranking for which will be derived from your strategy document. This is where SEO feeds into your Content Marketing strategy and they work together.

We will research, develop and write keyword focussed blogs that are part of your SEO strategy. Tailored to educate your audience by answering their fundamentals questions while appealing to search engine algorithms.

These SEO articles will educate the user while increasing your website’s rankings. We recommend starting with a minimum of 10 articles, 2 articles per focus keyword.

Types of Websites

Websites are a bit like houses. They come in all shapes and sizes. Below are some of the types of websites that we can design and develop for your business based on your budget and business objectives.


  • Content Management System (CMS) Websites

We design and build websites that are uncompromised in style yet easy for you and your team to take over and manage. We have full design flexibility without boundaries that we build around everybody’s favourite CMS, WordPress.

We supercharge WordPress with powerful tools that enable you to add or edit any content with an easy editor. We can also provide expert-level training when we hand over your new website in order to enable your team to manage the website with ease.

  • Mobile First Website Design

We provide a mobile-first solution, whereby your website will respond by automatically adjusting to suit any device. Whether your customers are on desktop, tablet or mobile, we will create a streamlined experience that boosts conversions and improves your site’s credibility. Here’s something you won’t hear again “your website is not responsive”. In today’s environment, having a fully responsive website is an absolute must. Our team don’t just design and build for desktops. We thoroughly test your website for mobile, tablet and larger screens to make sure your site is fully responsive no matter the device.

  • Landing Page Design & Optimization

We build stunning landing pages that are simply designed to convert! We focus on continuously optimising your landing page to increase conversions through an in-depth A/B testing process.

  • E-commerce Website Development

Enable your website to make online sales from any device, desktop, tablet or mobile. Our eCommerce package includes automated data collection, account login platform with order history, mobile commerce and payment gateway set up. Includes calendar for booking events and custom delivery options for physical products like your books and necklace.

Case Study


Swipe through the new ICT Solutions website.

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iphone_6 background
iphone_6 background

Case Study


Swipe through the new Melabis website.

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iphone_6 background
iphone_6 background

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