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Our Social Media Services

Our Social Media Services

Strategy Development

Having a clear strategy helps to create a trajectory on how to expand your social network. This includes planning for the optimal moment to release certain tweets or content while still providing flexibility to react to any spontaneous window of opportunity that might come up. In order to build a meaningful connection with your audience, we establish a common ground between your brand and your audience. We will create a strategic and creative plan to help you reach your business goals, all underpinned by analytical insights.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

We aren’t just strategists. The right Social Media Marketing campaign requires a varied team of experts. Our team of social media specialists will devise and execute your social media marketing campaigns in line with your brand’s vision, as well as tailored to your target audience for maximum impact.

Social Advertising

Effective Social Advertising requires that the right people are targeted in the right way. To really help your brand stand out, increase online conversions and boost engagement levels, we will identify and advertise to your target audience in their preferred format to guarantee high engagement rates.

Live Social Media Marketing

A number of Social Media Platforms facilitate Live video broadcasts. People spend three times longer watching a live video than a pre-recorded video. With our live social media services, your event will get the full exposure it deserves on social media, as it happens. Our team will create and manage all aspects of your event’s live social media coverage.

Social Media Management

Social Media is a living organism that constantly evolves around its users. The effective social media strategy is one that grows organically as users share, retweet and repost your content. Our Social Media experts will manage your social media presence and make sure that it becomes a priority.

We will handle your social media channels to ensure they are structured and share content that is engaging for your audience while being on brand and translating your message. We will work on a shared monthly plan to guarantee we are synchronised and on the same wave-length. By designing beautiful graphics and writing appealing content for each post we can secure maximum engagement for each piece of content we deliver.

Through social media management we offer:

  • Social Media Strategy & Platform Optimisation
  • Brand Development/li>
  • Content Curation & Distribution
  • Community Building
  • Content A/B Testing
  • Hashtag Analysis

Social Media Platform Setup

First impressions are extremely important. As a result, an updated and frequently used social media platform can mean the difference between traffic and conversions. Having a strong social media presence is the digital equivalent of an open-door policy at the office. It shows clients that you are accessible and can easily be reached. The first step in establishing an online social media presence is setting-up and optimising each of your social media platforms. This includes:

  • Page creation / optimisation
  • Branded profile picture
  • Branded cover photo creation
  • Optimised descriptions

Increasing Social Media Engagement and Building Relationships

Having a well-designed social media presence enables you to connect directly with your clients. By increasing social media Engagement and Building Relationships, you are establishing a strong connection with your audience as they engage with your social media posts means that they are more likely to buy your products or services. Our social media marketing services will help you increase your likes, comments, and shares on your social media channels.

Develop Brand Awareness and get more Followers

It’s not all about how many followers you have. There are far more meaningful and impactful metrics to measure. However, growing your relevant followers on social media will help increase referrals and word of mouth. We can help you grow your follower count with your target audience based on their demographics, interests, and behavioural trends.

Mobile-first approach

With over 50% of all website traffic world-wide being from mobile devices, we have adopted a mobile-first approach to make sure all content and campaigns that we produce, ensure your brand is being represented correctly, no matter the device.

Content Planning and Distribution

Monthly Content Planning

Generating consistent content is necessary to survive in the world of Social Media Marketing. We will build and manage a shared monthly content plan to generate content for your chosen Social Media Platforms. By using our online content calendar you will have full control over your channels at all times and you’ll be able to approve all items before they are distributed.

Content Distribution

We ensure that each item of content is optimised and posted in the correct methodology to each your distribution channels. Each platform is built for a specific purpose and requires a specialised manner in which to maximise its use. This service includes hashtag research, for platforms that make use of the feature, as well as word and character optimisation.

Our social media strategies have generated millions of impressions. need help with your social media? Tell us about your goals below.

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