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The Wave of Change is making #Wavemakers and raising awareness to fight plastic pollution. 

Can we turn the tide on plastic? Hell yes! Take action now.

“We want Malta to be free from single-use toxic plastics. Athletes, swimmers and other wavemakers are taking on challenges to raise awareness about how this issue is affecting the Maltese seas.” – Neil Agius


The Be A #Wavemaker social campaign took over the local social media waves by storm with over 1,500 Wavemakers diving in to the challenge in a matter of days:

I will pick up 3 pieces of plastic
I will challenge 3 people or organisations to do the same

People challenged people. Businesses challenged businesses. The total reach of the #Wavemaker campaign was outstanding.

Wave of Change is an incredible local movement led by the modern-day real-life superhero Neil Agius, with the aim to create real awareness about the polution of our seas.

In the world of digital marketing, brand awareness is generated by developing a standout brand-mark, building a landing page which sends traffic to and captures leads together with a kick-ass social media campaign that delivers an impactful message to the target audience.

We are both honoured and humbled to have played our part in really making this happen!

Brandmark Experimentation


Experimentation goes hand in hand with creativity. You’ll never know if you don’t try. The wave element was something we definitely wanted to push on, which is the main protagonist in the brand’s logo.


The Brandmark


We want to make waves, not just in our seas, but in the way we think about plastic pollution – hence the name WaveofChange. The semi-circle at the bottom connects the W and E signifying that WE can change the world for the better. Finally, the shades of blue represent the seas, lakes and oceans of our world. We do not inherit the world from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. Let us preserve our natural heritage together, for future generations.

wave of change logo

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