Melabis features both a technology and farm department in the medical cannabis space.

About The Project

Melabis initially approached Growth Gurus to help develop their brand identity with a fresh and industry-relevant logo. Following a successful branding project the partnership flourished and Growth Gurus were entrusted to design Melabis’ website, road show stands as well as their mobile app. After successfully delivering on these projects, Growth Gurus were contracted to maintain the traction and leverage social media to distribute the brands message to its target audiences.

The Brand-mark

For the Melabis brandmark, we drew inspiration from the chemical structure of CBD to create a globally identifiable logo that is highly relevant to the cannabis industry – providing a unique identity within a space that is hyper-saturated with cannabis leaf brand marks.

The Website


Social Media Posting

A social media post pack for Melabis was created to share information about CBD in line with the brand’s mission and values, while tying in to the brand’s identity and maintaining graphic consistency across all social media communications.

The Melabis App

Our objective for the Melabis App design was to create an intuitive user experience that effortlessly aides medical marijuana users in measuring their CBD intake while allowing them to track the progress of their symptoms across their medical marijuana journey.

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