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During this unprecedented time of social-distancing, Growth Gurus have leveraged a remote Facebook Live broadcasting technology to leverage experts and leaders from their industries to extract as much valuable, meaningful and inspirational content as possible.

Our aim? To motivate businesses to innovate and continue operating and hopefully even growing through trialing times.

Catch up with our Growth Gurus Go LIVE series right here, and read the key take aways which we truly hope will give you a positive impact!

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Key Takeaways

Prash Patel | Force Agile

  • Set realistic expectations for remote working
  • Get ready as though you’re going to work
  • Establish your working arrangement with family / flatmates

Robyn Pratt | Impact Consulting

  • Focus on your business in a strategic manner
  • Spread positivity, defeat the fear, own the mindset
  • Now is a good time to invest in planning & training

Chris Peregin | Lovin Malta

  • Adapt quickly, apply resourceful thinking, find the silver linings
  • Communication is essential
  • Consider pricing cuts to cover costs

Mark Weingard | Inala Hotels

  • Inspire people, especially in their time of isolation
  • Help each other out, help put food on the table for those that don’t have it
  • Be patient, as a public we need to be less aggressive, less attacks on government

James Ryder | Comedian

  • Use social media to grow your following
  • The entertainment industry will come back in full circle
  • Advanced remote working is here, we just need to use it

Steve Mercieca | Quicklets & Zanzi

  • Set up a home office area, don’t work out of your bed
  • Have group check-in and check-out times each day
  • Use a platform like Slack to have a vibe and office-like environment
  • Don’t panic, take it day-by-day, we are all in this together

Pierre Lindh | Ambassadör Events & iGaming NEXT

  • This is a time of opportunity – the strongest will come out stronger
  • Set laser focused targets daily / weekly / monthly – Be accountable
  • Have a 10 min conference call with your team every morning
  • Use this time to learn something new

Claire Abela | FRANKS and Lucy Makeup Store

  • Keep Spirits High
  • Think Fast. Adapt. Take Action
  • Don’t feed your mind with negativity

Tammy Fenech | Freelancer

  • We’re all in this together, reach out, find like-minded people and connect to solve problems together
  • There are many online platforms locally and abroad, that you can use to help you find work, especially for sole traders and freelancers
  • The nature of the value you bring your clients does not have to change, the way you deliver it does

Igor Samardziski | Nexus

  • Understand your basic costs
  • Make a plan with your accountant

DJ Ruby | Professional DJ

  • Perfect your art, don’t stop!
  • Explore new revenue streams and methods to monetise your craft
  • Keep hopefully and sharing positivity

Anthony David Gatt | Malta Enterprise

Daniel Lake | FNX Fitness

  • Stick to a good routine and separate your weekends from weekdays
  • Exercise
  • Drink a lot of water

Finian Massa | ICT Solutions

  • Ensure your tech is reliable and secure
  • Create a rhythm of collaboration together
  • Build a strong company culture, no matter the scenario

Dr. Alex Spiteri Gingell | Transcripta

  • Encourage the use of paperless contracts, it’s efficient and safe
  • Use this time to evaluate your work and life, and live better in the future.
  • Look for new opportunities

Matthew Bartolo | Willingness Team

  • Be creative and adapt, reinvent yourself
  • Volunteer and do good for society
  • Think back to times you thought you wouldn’t manage and you did – remind yourselves that you did and will manage again

Claire Mangion | Yoga Instructor

  • Keep a routine
  • Meditate everyday
  • It’s ok to feel anxious

Faye Zammit | Remax

  • Wake up early
  • Keep a strong balance between your mental and physical health
  • Plan your week ahead, keep going, keep busy

Ben Vincenti and Jonathan Azzopardi Frantz | Evently

  • Manage all your expenses and negotiate all deals
  • Focus on creating inspiring content for your business
  • Keep being productive and relevant!

Dr. Gege Gatt | EBO.AI

  • Crisis also leads to opportunities
  • Overcommunicate
  • Leaders must give clarity and create structure

Kim Shiel | The Dotted Line

  • Stay close to your top people! Understand their priorities.
  • Start brainstorming, chat to your team, get them involved with how you relaunch when the world opens up again!
  • Be as positive as you can – get rid of all negativity
  • Reinvent yourself

Matthew Kimberley | Most Handsome Man in Marketing

  • Sales first, marketing second, execution third, admin last.
  • Set up a budget management system, know where you stand.
  • Setup a CRM and manage your pipeline.
  • To speak to the right person in a company, simply ask for help, don’t try and sell!

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