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required a one of a kind website to provide visitors with information pertaining to the Opal Energy Corp planned acquisition of Versus LLC

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“Big thank you from Canada! You guys are great and everyone loves the site! Besides making awesome websites in record time, we’re looking forward to working with you to drive really targeted traffic to it. Everyone here is very impressed with your work so far and we feel lucky to have you on the team.”


– Jeff French, Partner

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The Growth Gurus Marketing Strategy

Opal Energy Corp informed us they were undergoing an exciting new transition into which they are acquiring Versus Gaming Network. What this meant for us is that they wanted a beautifully designed website that reflects the new acquisition and gives interested parties the option to read their Letter of Intent… which all sounds easy enough until they told us they needed it in 4 days time.

Being a simple yet meaningful website that was about to get a lot of traffic meant we really needed to come up with something innovative to keep to our Guru standards, we definitely were not going to just stick up a simple PDF on a basic vanilla site. We began by tackling the core message, an energy company is buying a gaming network and essentially shifting its whole dynamic.

We decided to take a creative route and relieve the domain of its previous corporate feel. We recorded ourselves playing a few different consoles then edited our favorite clip into a seamless loop with a constantly changing gradient ontop, chosen from colours we felt represent the gaming industry. We then converted this into an HTML5 video allowing you to load it up on your mobile phone with no delays or worries about size.

We created drop down menus to load up the Letter of Intent, giving it a sense of importance as it is kept securely in its own sector on a one-page website. We added in a simple data capture field and backend management system.

The whole website is an interactive one pager with parallax design and is 100% responsive for screens of all size.

As a bonus we upgraded their logo  to match the new site, which they were ecstatic about. We paired this up with a custom loading screen to give it some spice.
Although it is a simple site with a Letter of Intent that is primarily aimed at investors, we did our utmost to reflect the brand and the new industry through the site.

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