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offers easy-to-access financing options for car loans through a fantastic web interface.

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“I gave you the idea and you just ran with it and made it better and better. The website is amazing I love it. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys can do with our online marketing to drive traffic now”


– Dave (CEO,

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The Growth Gurus Marketing Strategy

Customer X otherwise known as Dave came to us with an idea he was anxious to set in motion. He explained to us that he knew what he wanted his business to do, but was unsure of how to brand it, market it and describe it. After a series of online meetings we outlined the fundamental processes of service and began our extensive Analysis.

Our analysis helped us understand what the potential clientele were searching for, giving us guidelines towards a brand name. Our creative team sat with the design team and through rigorous brainstorm sessions came up with multiple ideas on how to represent the service, how to name it and how to make it stand out from the immense competition.

After much deliberation we presented Dave with 10 possible options, which were then narrowed down to five, until was created.

Auto Loan Dealer Logo by Growth Gurus

The core element of this job was the intricate analysis we went through, to understand the geographic, psychographic and demographic information of the clientele we were to target. This gave us insight into the industry trends, user behaviour and ultimately paved the way for the industry-leading website we are proud to have created. has one simple function, this therefore allowed us to focus on creating a website that funnels users towards a Call-To-Action to convert as many leads as possible.

We built a system that allows users to calculate their potential loans to understand where they stand, and then apply for the loan. Applications are collected and segmented to make it easy for the AutoLoanDealer team to manage their clientele. It was important to the team that this whole process takes less than 2 minutes to complete from start to finish and must be easy for people of all levels of computer literacy.

Further to this we researched and created content that we felt was important for the customers to read, to ensure they understood the whole process. We wrote each item to the highest of search engine optimisation standards.

The website is fully responsive and designed for mobile first, our research showed that 84% of potential clientele in this industry will apply using their mobile phones instead of their computers.

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